Manage Linux software and packages

Manage Linux software and packages

Manage software and packages in Linux is one of the important part in Linux administration. Every Linux user has to keep software applications and programs in order, secure and safe. If we need to install software which is not included in official distribution packages (which means it does not officially support), we have to build the package ourselves. You can find some tutorials that might help you create and manage Linux software and packages here.

Linux administration - Linux software packages
A Linux administration mostly relates Linux programs and Linux packages. This is a basic tutorial about Linux software package. Learn what contains in Linux software package and what happen when you install software package using Linux package management system.

Linux administration - Linux package management system
Find more information about Linux package management systems and take a closer look at Ubuntu dpkg and Slackware slackpkg here.

slackpkg - Slackware package management system
Slackware finally includes a third party automated tool for managing its software packages. Check what else slackpkg can do in this tutorial.

apt-get - Ubuntu package management system
Ubuntu which is based on Debian Linux, share the same great package management system as Debian such as dpkg, apt, aptitude and synaptic for x-window. In this tutorial, we are going to look closely into the popular apt package management system.

Build and install mcrypt libmcrypt package for Slackware Linux
The mcrypt is a Linux tool that allows user to use a wide range of encryption functions in Linux system. It replaces the previous crypt package and crypt command which is a well known command for encrypt and decrypt file. Check this tutorial out to learn how to build Slackware package and install libmcrypt and libmcrypt package in Slackware Linux.

After finished building a Linux package, keep all related files in their respective directory in your work area (the build directory). You are going to need it again when upgrading software source. Also record all non-official software used in your Linux system.

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