Basic Linux tutorials for beginner


If you are a Linux beginner, here are some basic tutorials to help you understand more about Linux system.

A guide for Linux beginner

The Linux tutorials are collections of Linux theory and practical guides base on real imitation, done on Slackware and Ubuntu server distributions of Linux operating system.

Basics Linux command tutorial

Although many Linux distributions nowadays offer great and powerful graphical user interface window (GUI) tools, Linux commands still proved to be very useful and efficient in certain circumstances.

Introduction to Linux administration

Linux administration means everything about Linux such as Linux installation, create and manage user accounts, permissions, ownerships, hardware, software, data management and so on.

Slackware learning guidelines

Slackware is a great Linux distribution for a beginner to start learning Linux operating system. Slackware enables user to fully control the operating system. Some people say that Slackware is a little hard for a beginner.

Linux software guide for beginner

Linux is a fast growing operating system. It is a great server operating system solutions for small businesses and large organisations as well. Nowadays, Linux has become a popular desktop operating system.