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Drupal 7: Displaying authored content in user profile using Views

There are several ways on how to allow visitors to view all post by a certain user in Drupal 7. Here is a step by step guide on how to display authored content in user profile using Views module.

Step 1 - Allow visitors to view user profile. Go to "People -> Permission" (admin/people - PERMISSIONS tab). Scroll down to User section and select View user profiles for ANONYMOUS USER.

Drupal 7 subdomain clean url in Godaddy

This is a guide on how to install Drupal 7 in a subdomain. Here is the situation to avoid misunderstanding.

You already have Drupal 7 website installed in the webroot. The clean url is working fine. Now you want to install a second Drupal 7 website in a subdomain.

So here is a guide on how to install a Drupal website in a subdomain (specifically in Godaddy shared hosting).

Sort file content in Linux

Sometimes when we are working with files in Linux, there is a certain time that we need to sort content of files. There is a situation when we are copying or append a new file containing domains that we want to block in Squid block domain file, for example. Normally we would do that using 'cat new-block-domain-file >> /etc/squid/blockeddomains.acl' command. Suddenly, we got error when restarting the Squid daemon saying there's a duplicate domain in the blocked domains file.

Install Drupal 6 in Ubuntu 11.10 brief

Here is the direct and brief version on how to install Drupal 6.22 in Ubuntu Desktop 11.10.

1) Install LAMP server

i) Open command line terminal.
ii) Type: sudo su
iii) Provide password.
iv) Type: tasksel
v) Choose 'lamp server' to install.
vi) Start apache server: service apache2 reload
vii) Add virtual site: cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/website-name-directory
viii) Enable new website:
- cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/
- a2ensite website-name-directory

Must have Ubuntu applications

I just got back to Ubuntu Desktop from Salix OS. Install the latest version of Ubuntu desktop, which is version 11.10. The installation of this version of Ubuntu is quite different from the older version i used (8.04 I think). For the installation, I'd say it is much easier. The manually partition hard disk steps are simpler. But Ubuntu automatic updates of applications during installation is annoying. It took hours to finish the installation.

How to check dns ip address used in my Linux computer?

My friend asked me yesterday on how to view dns ip address in Linux. She used Linux ifconfig command but there is no dns information in the result. I told her to google because I felt kind of annoying. I know there must be something serious in her head that makes she forgot things. Otherwise how can she forgot a simple thing as viewing /etc/resolve.conf file?

Is Joomla the right platform for you?

Joomla is popular open source content management system. In other words, you can create a website, a blog or a portal with Joomla. I've known about Joomla existence several years ago. In fact, I've been using Joomla cms as a platform for my employer's website. I just want to share my thought about Joomla, my experience as a user. Perhaps it can help someone make a decision whether to use it or not.

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