Linux desktop tutorials for beginner


Linux desktop is a Linux version customizes for end user. There is nothing special or big differences between Linux and Linux desktop. It's just phrases use to say that some tweaks have been done to the Linux network operating system so that a normal user will be able to use it in their daily job. Here are some 'tweaks' that can be spotted in the desktop version of Linux:

  • Boot directly into the xwindow (KDE or GNOME).
  • Lots of GUI configuration tools.

What really great about Linux desktop is the customizations of tools such as software management (install, remove software) and software support which make Linux seems easier to use and bring some sort of confidence for end users. You can find some tutorials about how to do things in Linux desktop here.

Linux graphics

GIMP can be found in any Linux distribution including Ubuntu desktop and Slackware Linux. This is a beginner's guide on how to remove background color from image such as a logo image.

Ubuntu ftp client guide

This is a specific guide on how to install and using ftp client in Ubuntu Desktop. The gftp is used as an example, which is a quite familiar ftp client in Linux community.

How to create favourite icon

This is a guide on how to create favorite icon (as required beside the url of a website) in Ubuntu desktop using GIMP image Editor. GIMP Image Editor is installed by default in Ubuntu desktop and Slackware too. We don't need anything else. No converter what so ever. So here we go.