Linux installation and configuration screenshots

Here are Linux step by step installation guide screen shots:

Slackware 12.1 installation guide - The first few things you need to know when you boot the Slackware installer cd/dvd. Check out the screen shots.

Slackware hard disk partition with fdisk - The second step in Slackware installation. We guide you on how to manually partition your hard disk for Slackware using fdisk partition tool. Check out every step screen shots.

Slackware Linux Setup program - The main step in Slackware installation. The Setup program is a Slackware installation tool. Every single step has been shot. Check this out.

Slackware dhcp network setup - During Setup process, you need to setup dhcp network. Here is the step by step guide with screen shots if choose to use dhcp network.

Slackware static ip network setup - Here is a step by step guide if choose to use static ip for your host (computer/server/etc).

Ubuntu server installation screenshots - Ubuntu Server 8.04 installation guide. This is shown step by step with screen shots.

Ubuntu installation help menu - What is in the Help menu? Check this out.

Ubuntu server manual partition help - Here is a step by step guide on how to partition hard disk using Ubuntu Server 8.04 partitioning tool.

Ubuntu desktop 8.10 installation screenshots - A step by step guide.

Ubuntu desktop manual partition guide - A step by step guide on how to use Ubuntu Desktop 8.10 hard disk partitioning tool.

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