Linux basic concepts, installation and troubleshooting


This section contains the most basic Linux knowledge meant to expose new user to the concept of Linux operating system and preparation needed to work in Linux environment. It does not cover everything about Linux but on some topics, there are related links to the appropriate place where you can find more information about it.

Linux background, history and distributions

What is Linux? Linux is a free multitasking, multi-user network operating system that behaves like Unix. That means Linux is not UNIX. It is a UNIX-based operating system.

Pre-installation checklist

Pre-installation checklist is the 'must have documentation' before begin installation of any operating system, not just Linux. It is an information about the whole system.

Linux installation methods

There are many methods to install Linux. Depends on what you prefer, Linux has almost all installation methods available for you. You can use traditional way, using floppy or cd-rom installer or via network.

Linux hard disk partition

It is important to prepare yourself with some documentations before starting the Linux installation. This is because Linux need extra informations during setup process.

Linux installation guide

Linux installation won't be a problem any more with a step by step screenshot examples. Here are Slackware Linux and Ubuntu Linux installation tutorials as a guide.

Linux installation troubleshooting

In the early years of Linux, it's hard to get Linux installation done on the first try. This is usually because of hardware compatibility and driver support. During those days, choosing computer hardware and components are vital.


You have learned some Linux basics knowledge during the hard disk partitioning and configure networking when setting up Linux installation. You probably have a basic idea about the Linux file system architecture now. It's time to continue to the next chapter: Linux basics tutorial.