Change Linux command line terminal

In Linux, there are six command line virtual terminals by default. What is that means? When Linux finished boot up, it'll prompt you to login at command line terminal. So you login into your Linux system. That's the Linux command line virtual terminal one. There are five more Linux command line virtual terminals that you can use independently in the Linux system.

Change virtual terminal in Linux

Let's login as root in the terminal one, if you are using Slackware Linux. On Ubuntu server, you can login as normal, use username that you choose during Linux installation. Now, press Ctrl-Alt-F2 combination keys to change terminal to the virtual terminal two. Login with the new user account. If you don't have a normal user account, create at least one account because you are going to use it in the administration section tutorials later. Check this tutorial on how to create a Linux user account.

Welcome to Linux 2.4.29 (tty2)

slackware login: jadon
Linux 2.4.29.
No mail.
[email protected]:~$

Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 combination keys and you'll be back to the first virtual terminal where we first login as root (or whatever user you login with). You can use six virtual terminals with the same or different user at one time to do different task. I mean, you can download software packages in one terminal, playing mp3 in next terminal, and configure server in other terminal with completely independent, like using a different computer. To switch between virtual terminals, press Ctrl-Alt-(F1-F6). Now, that's multiuser and multitasking :-)

Switch back to virtual terminal 2. Now that you know how to login and logout, create new users, using commands and get help, you are ready to explore more in the Linux world. In Linux, particularly Slackware Linux, all the commands located in /bin directory.

Type cd /bin and enter. The command Linux cd command is use to change directory. You can learn more about Linux cd command in Linux cd command - explore Linux directory file system. Type ls to list the content in /bin directory. For more information about Linux ls command, you can visit Linux ls command - Listing directory content.

Here is an example of Linux /bin directory:

bin directory image

Check and learn all the commands in /bin directory using man command-name. Note that in Linux and all Unix-based operating system, all commands are case sensitive. That means, if the command is mkdir, it's wrong if you type Mkdir or MKDIR and no space. You must type exactly as it is.

Change to Linux command line terminal from Linux desktop

If you are using Ubuntu desktop or other Linux distribution which login directly into kde or gnome, you can switch to Linux command line terminal using ctrl + alt + F1 keys combination. Once you are in the virtual terminal, use ctrl + alt + F2 to switch to terminal 2 and so on.

You can also open Linux command prompt from the x-window itself. For example, if you are using Ubuntu desktop, you can open command prompt by clicking Applications, choose Accessories and click Terminal. Below is an example of command terminal opened from gnome Ubuntu desktop.

Linux command line terminal opened from gnome screenshot image

That's all.

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