Linux networking - Installing Ethernet card

Ethernet card or more commonly known as network interface card is a required component if you want to connect to the network. Ethernet card is available in two version which are the PCI slot or the older ISA card.

However, nowadays computer always comes with integrated Ethernet with motherboard. That's good, our Ethernet card can be the second network card. This is required if we want to configure our Linux to be a gateway router or a firewall later.

Installing an Ethernet card

  1. Power off your computer.
  2. Open computer casing and Install your PCI Ethernet card in an available PCI expansion slot (an ISA card into ISA slot).
  3. Close computer casing and plug in network cable into the Ethernet port and the other end into the router port (cat5 cable with rj45 socket)
  4. Power on your computer.
  5. Normally Linux will detect the Ethernet card and load appropriate kernel when you boot up the system. However if Linux doesn't detect it, you must manually configure the Etehrnet card by loading appropriate module using modprobe.
  6. After Linux has finished boot up, check /etc/modprobe.conf (Slackware /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf) that appropriate kernel has been loaded.
  7. Type less /etc/modprobe.conf and verify that the alias eth0 has been created (and eth1 if you installed second Ethernet card). If not then you may need to manually edit this file and create the appropriate alias. If you don’t, you’ll lose your networking configuration when the system reboots.

When you 're done, then it time to configure the ip address for the Ethernet card.

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