Install and configure linux servers

Install and configure linux servers

This is a setup and configure Linux servers section. User will learn how to install and configure various Linux servers in Slackware Linux and Ubuntu server operating system. Linux can be a stable and secure server for a very low cost. The only price you have to pay is for the server hardware and some times to study how to setup Linux server.

Linux is a perfect solution for servers such as a DHCP server, domain name server, web server, mail server and ftp server. Not only that, Linux can also be other network utility such as firewall and gateway router. It is interesting because in this step of learning, you'll find many problems that will make you understand more about Linux (because you need more reading to understand and troubleshoot problems).

In Linux system, all configuration files were kept under /etc directory. So, Linux server configuration files can always be found in /etc no matter what Linux distributions we use. Although there are a bit differents in the file system structure between a BSD style Linux and System V Linux, the basic is still the same. Read and understand the concept of the server that you are going to setup. Finally, when you are ready to begin, make sure you have the server configuration manual that you can refer. If there is a problem or you run into error, write down the error and search the Internet for the solution.

Every server needs to run a service.To enable a service on Linux system, you need to first install the appropriate daemon. The Internet super daemon or inetd was created to reduce the number of daemons necessary to service requests. A BSD style Linux distribution such as Slackware, the inetd which contains server scripts location is /etc/inetd.conf. In System V, Internet superdaemon is called xinetd and its location is in /etc/xinetd.conf. You can always check your Linux distributions manual or documentation in the official website.

Here are some basic Linux server tutorials, hopefully can be helpful for you to setup and configure your own Linux server. All tutorials are step by step instructions and some tutorials available with screenshot images. These tutorials are the most basic as they can be, so a new Linux user do not hesitate to try them all. Some advanced Linux users would advice new users not to try configure Linux server, but I think setting up Linux server is a great exposure and a quickest way to understand how Linux operating system's work. Having said that, it's not recommended to setup or messing with a production server. You should know your limit. So learn smart.

Linux network - Install ssh in Ubuntu 8.10 screenshots
SSH is a secure shell protocol for remote login. That means, your data transfered through the network is encrypted. Learn how to install and configure ssh server package, start ssh service and finally test the new ssh server.

Linux ftp server - Install and configure vsftpd in Slackware
Ftp server is a file transfer protocol server. It is used to share files and printer sharing with other users in the network. This tutorial is a step by step guide to install and configure one of the commonly used ftp server, the vsftpd ftp server in Slackware Linux.

Install and configure vsftpd in Ubuntu
It's a great idea to setup vsftpd even if you are using Ubuntu desktop for file sharing in your home network or in your work place. You can share data with other users including those using Windows operating system. Here is a guide on how to install vsftpd in Ubuntu desktop with step by step instructions and screenshot images..

Linux network - Install and configure proftpd in Ubuntu Server
Proftpd server has been around quite some times in Linux. It is known for its stability and highly configurable. Learn how to setup proftpd in Ubuntu with this step by step guide tutorial.

Install and configure DHCP server in Slackware Linux
This is a tutorial about Linux dhcp server. Learn basics Linux dhcp server and practice on how to install and configure dhcp server in Slackware Linux.

Configure DHCP server Ubuntu
You'll learn how to configure dhcp3 server in Ubuntu server (8.04 LTS) Hardy Heron. Learn how to setup Linux dhcp server in Ubuntu server with step by step examples and screenshot images. This tutorial includes install Linux dhcp server, explains dhcp server configuration, testing and troubleshooting dhcp server.

Setup and configure MYSQL in Slackware Linux
A step by step guide on how to setup and configure mysql database server in Slackware Linux. The tutorial includes install mysql package, configure mysql server, testing mysql database and uninstall mysql server from the system.

Slackware Linux samba server setup, installation and configuration guide
Samba is a programs suite that allows Linux server to works with windows in the network environment. Learn how to configure a Linux samba server in Slackware Linux. The tutorial provides step by step samba server installation, example of samba configuration file including testing and troubleshooting samba server.

Slackware Linux dns server setup - Install and configure bind
Install Linux server in Slackware now is easier with the support of Slackware package management system. In this tutorial, user can learn how to install bind package using slackpkg and configure bind as a dns server in Slackware Linux. There is a step by step named.conf configuration and examples on how to add new domain zone files. Finally, there is a guide on how to test and troubleshoot the new dns server.

Ubuntu web server setup - Install and configure Apache2
Here is a Ubuntu web server tutorial to guide user setup apache2 in Ubuntu system. Learn how to install apache2 server package and start, stop and restart apache2 service, configure apache2 configuration files and finally test apache web server.

Setup Linux web server - Install and configure Apache in Slackware
Learn how to setup Linux web server in Slackware with step by step instructions. This tutorial includes installing Apache httpd official package guide and instructions on how to build Slackware httpd package using the latest httpd source.

Setup Ubuntu squid proxy server - Introduction, installation and basic configuration guide for beginner
Setup Squid proxy server in Ubuntu tutorial for beginner. Learn how Squid proxy server improves Internet speed and security. The tutorial explains basic Squid proxy server including step by step examples of installation and configuration.

Install and configure Squid in Slackware64 13.37
Learn how to create Slackware Squid package using scripts from, install it in Slackware64 13.37 and configure the squid.conf configuration file.

All these Linux server setup tutorials are basic setup which is intended for training only. If you are going to install Linux server for production use, you need to consider other aspects as well such as server security. Good luck!

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