Collection of Linux tips

Here are some Linux tips to setup, install and configure software in Slackware and Ubuntu that can be used to assist new user with their Linux system. All articles are in tutorial-liked which is in step by step or screenshot-based articles suitable for beginner.

Cannot boot Slackware Linux after installation
Normally, this problem always happen because of wrong Lilo configuration. For example, you choose to store Lilo in / directory instead of mbr during Lilo setup when installing Slackware. Read how to fix it here.
Install Flash Player in Ubuntu 8.10
This is Adobe's flash player 10 installation guide for Ubuntu 8.10. Flash player let you open video in the Internet. So learn how to manually install flash player plug in and enjoy watching your favourite videos around the world.
Linux tips and tricks - Firefox crashed when open full screen youtube video
Here is a tip on how to open youtube video in full screen mode. Don't let Firefox freezes and stop you enjoying online videos!
Install Seamonkey web browser in Ubuntu
A basic Linux tutorial with step by step examples on how to install Seamonkey in Ubuntu desktop system. A simple explanation for a Linux beginner.
Cannot unmount dvd - Device is busy
You cannot open dvd or cdrom drive without successfully unmount the device in Linux system. And there are several reasons why you cannot unmount dvd drive. See tips on how to fix this problem here.
Install Adobe Flash Player in Slackware Linux
You probably noticed that during browsing the Internet with Firefox, several website gave you a Missing Plugins message. If that's because you don't have flash player installed, then here is a tip for you.
How to install nvidia driver in Slackware Linux
A guide on how to install nvidia driver in Slackware Linux. Learn with this easy step by step guide with screenshots and examples.
How to install and configure java in Linux
This is a step by step instructions on how to install java in Linux. You can find where to download java, how to install it and finally configure java for your Linux system.
Linux tips - The xine engine failed to start
A guide on how to fix the xine engine failed to start error. There are several reasons that print this error. This guide is regarding the no demuxer found - stream format not recognized when you try to open streaming media.
Linux tips - How to extract rar file in Slackware
Slackware Linux does not include unrar in default installation. To extract rar file, you need to install unrar package. Learn how to build Slackware unrar package and see and example on how to use unrar to extract rar archive file.
Cannot delete read only files in virus infected thumb drive
If a normal virus, we can just delete the virus file and related directories from the thumb drive. However, if the thumb drive has been infected by some viruses that created a read only files and input output error, that's trouble. This tutorial is a guide for those who need to fix this kind of problem.
How to install and configure PHP-Nuke in Ubuntu Desktop
This is a guide on how to install and configure PHP-Nuke 8.0 in Ubuntu. PHP-Nuke is a Content Management System used by many organizations and individuals as a platform for their website, blog or forum in the Internet.
Linux tips - How to mount cdrom in Linux
In Slackware Linux, you need to manually mount the cdrom from command line terminal before you are able to use it. Some Linux distributions such as Ubuntu Desktop, the cdrom is automatically mounted once the cd is inserted. If nothing happens when you put a cd in your Linux computer cdrom, check this tutorial out.
Create a new database using mysql command
There are two ways to create a new database in mysql. You can use mysql command if you have access to the command line or you can use graphical user interface tools. Here are examples on how to create a new database in mysql using command line and gui tools.