Install Flash Player in Ubuntu 8.10

Adobe's flash player is not installed by default during Ubuntu 8.10 installation. So when you open youtube, the player is not there and you'll see a help message below:

Hello, you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of Adobe's flash player. Get the latest Flash Player.

You must install flash player to enjoy youtube or other videos that needs flash player plug in. There are two ways to install flash player in Ubuntu 8.10. You can use the common Ubuntu way by using 'Applications - Add/Remove' to install flash player or by manually download Adobe flash player package for Ubuntu 8.10 from Adobe's website. Here are two different ways to install Adobe flash player in Ubuntu 8.10.

Install Flash Player using Ubuntu Add/Remove program

The easiest way to install flash player in Ubuntu 8.10 is by using Ubuntu Add/Remove program. Here is the step by step instruction:

1) Open Add/Remove program from Applications menu.

2) Type 'flash' in the Search text box in the Add/Remove program and some related programs including 'Adobe Flash Plugin 10' appears.


3) Click on the Adobe Flash Plugin 10's check box and click Apply Changes to install.

Manually install Flash Player from Adobe's website

First, you need to install Adobe's flash player before worrying about JavaScript. Click the 'Get the latest Flash Player' link above and you'll be taking to Adobe's get software page, where you can download Adobe's flash player package for Ubuntu.

Choose .deb for Ubuntu 8.04+ from drop down menu. Read Software License Agreement and click Agree and install now. See an example screenshot below:

Adobe's flash player download page image

Under What should Firefox do with this file, choose Open with: GDebi Package Installer (default). See an example screenshot below:

Opening install flash player 10 for Linux screenshot image

You are going to install Adobe Flash Player plugin version 10. If you are ok with that, than click Install Package. You need to provide a root privilege password. That is your Ubuntu login password.

Adobe flash plugin package install screenshot image

When you get the Installation Finished message, click close. See an example screenshot below:

Adobe flash installation finished screenshot image

Close all windows including Firefox. Open Firefox and go to youtube website again and try playing any video. You should see the flash player now and the video is playing fine.

On some labtops or computers, installing Adobe flash player plugin might cause some unwanted problems such as Ubuntu menu is missing when open Firefox. If you too had problems with Adobe flash player plugin in Ubuntu, you might try installing 'flashplugin-nonfree' using Synaptic package manager. What you have to do is completely remove Adobe flash plugin, then open 'System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager'. Type 'flashplugin' in the Quick search text box and tick the check box on the flashplugin-nonfree when the result appears. Click 'Apply' to install the package. That's it.

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