Install Seamonkey web browser in Ubuntu

Seamonkey is another excellent web browser developed by Mozilla. It is faster and stable than Firefox at the moment. I've compared Seamonkey and Firefox (in Slackware) running side by side playing youtube videos for 12 hours and I found that Firefox given up first. Firefox starts slowing down after a few hours streaming videos and finally being dumb and cannot play anymore. While Seamonkey continue stable till the end. While this is not technically proved, I can see clearly that Seamonkey is really fast and stable than Firefox. Though Firefox still the best for its add-ons.

Seamonkey is identical to the once popular web browser, Netscape navigator. Ubuntu 8.10 didn't install Seamonkey by default but Slackware 12.2 does. Here is a step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to install Seamonkey in Ubuntu desktop 8.10.

On Ubuntu desktop, click System menu. Choose Administration and click Synaptic package manager. Ubuntu will prompt for admin password. Enter your password.

In Synaptic package manager menu, look for Quick search text form and type seamonkey. The result for seamonkey related packages will be shown at the Synaptic package manager result content page. See the example screenshot below:

Synaptic quick search seamonkey screenshot image

Select Seamonkey package by clicking on the tick box next to the Seamonkey menu in the result content page. Choose Mark for installation.

A new pane pop up mentioning there are additional packages also required. That's ok. You can see additional packages listed in the new pane by clicking details. See the example screenshot below:

Synaptic mark additional required pakages screenshot image

Click Mark to continue. Synaptic package manager will select additional required packages for you. See the the example screenshot below:

Synaptic choose seamonkey screenshot image

Click Apply button and Synaptic will start downloading all required Seamonkey packages. See the example screenshot below:

Synaptic downloading seamonkey packages screenshot image

When Synaptic finished downloading and installing Seamonkey packages, a message Changes applied poped up. See the example screenshot below:

Seamonkey changes applied screenshot image

Click Close button to close the window and quit Synaptic package manager. To open Seamonkey web browser, click Application menu, choose Internet, then Seamonkey . Here is an example of Seamonkey web browser screenshot:

Welcome to seamonkey screenshot image

That's all. If you need help on how to use and manage Seamonkey web browser, see a basic guide in Seamonkey web browser tutorial.

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