Setup and configure Joomla 1.0.x in Slackware Linux

This is a basic configuration of Joomla 1.0.x setup in Slackware Linux web server. Joomla is an open source content management system widely used as a website, blog and forum by many individuals and organisations. You need to prepare several things first before start to install and configure Joomla in Slackware. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Setup Web server.

  • Setup MySQL database.

You must have a working web server before installing joomla. The Setup Linux web server - Install and configure Apache in Slackware tutorial is a basic guide if need it.

Joomla need mysql database to store the content management system data. A guide on mysql setup can be found in Setup and configure MYSQL in Slackware Linux tutorial.

When you are ready, let's continue to setup Joomla in Slackware Linux. Firstly, create a new database for the Joomla website and give privilege to a database user. Write down the database name, database username and database user password. You need to provide these data during Joomla setup.

Next task is to get Joomla package. You can get the latest version of Joomla 1.0.x from Joomla official website. Extract the package to /var/www/htdocs/ directory in Slackware after finished download (depends on how you setup your web server, the given directory is the default Slackware web server home directory). See example steps below on how to do that:

[email protected]:~$ wget
--2009-06-10 10:26:17--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: [following]
--2009-06-10 10:26:19--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 2829952 (2.7M) [application/zip]
Saving to: `'

100%[======================================>] 2,829,952 6.81K/s in 7m 11s

2009-06-10 10:33:38 (6.41 KB/s) - `' saved [2829952/2829952]
[email protected]:~$
[email protected]:~$ cd /var/www/htdocs/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs$ mkdir testjoomla
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs$ cd testjoomla/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/testjoomla$ unzip /home/luzar/

Open web browser such as firefox or seamonkey and key in localhost/testjoomla in the url (replace testjoomla with your joomla directory name). Screenshots below shows normal warnings when setting up Joomla in Slackware Linux:

Joomla warnings screenshot image

This is the pre-installation check. Fix all warnings and recommended settings.


To fix the above warnings, open /etc/httpd/php.ini file with text editor and change the warnings value. See example below:

[email protected]:~# vim /etc/httpd/php.ini

Search display_errors and turn the value to On.

display_errors = On

Search magic_quotes_gpc and turn the value to On.

magic_quotes_gpc = On

Save php.ini file and exit. Now it's time to fix the next warning, Joomla configuration.php unwriteable:

Joomla configuration.php unwriteable screenshot image

The above fix is optional. You can fix this now by changing configuration.php file's permission or you can copy the configuration to the file at the end of Joomla setup later. If you want to change permission for the configuration.php file now, below is an example commands on how to do it:

[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# touch configuration.php
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chown luzar.users configuration.php
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 configuration.php

Next step is you have to edit permission for all unwriteable directories and files below:

Joomla directory and file permission check image

Here is how to give permission to directory and file:

[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 administrator/backups/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 administrator/components/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 administrator/modules/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 administrator/templates/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 cache/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 components/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 images/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 images/banners/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 images/stories/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 language/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/content/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/editors
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/editors-xtd/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/search/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 mambots/system/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 media/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 modules/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# chmod 777 templates/

Click Check again to see the result. When you are done, click Next to continue.

Joomla pre-installation check screenshot image

Here is the Joomla License agreement. Read it and when you understand the terms and conditions, click Next to continue.

Joomla license agreement screenshot image

Step 1 - MySQL database configuration.

Joomla mysql database configuration screenshot image

Step 2 - Enter the name of your Joomla! site.

Enter the name of your Joomla! site screenshot image

Step 3 - Confirm the site URL, path, admin e-mail and file/directory chmods. Change the Admin password.

Confirm the site URL, path, admin e-mail and file/directory chmods screenshot image

Step 4 - Congratulations! Joomla! is installed.

Congratulations! Joomla! is installed screenshot image


[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla# rm -r installation/
[email protected]:/var/www/htdocs/joomla#

Now you can visit you new Joomla administrator page. The administrator url is http://localhost/testjoomla/administrator/index.php.

That's all. Good luck!

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