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The basicconfig.com main objective is to provide basic system configurations for Slackware Linux and Ubuntu server operating system. The tutorial concept focuses more on practical real life computer job than a computer science theory. Basically, a tutorial presented in a step by step instructions including explanation of the topic with examples and screenshots. Tutorial subject includes setup Linux operating system installation, Linux basic commands, Linux system administration, computer security and Linux server configurations. Hopefully, basicconfig.com can be useful for Linux beginner, new system administrator, and network administrator. Support us if you think so. Tutorials are best viewed with Google Chrome. We recommend you to get one. It’s free anyway.. And we recommend to visit the best glossary site - Glossary.expert

Linux tutorials

Linux basic tutorials
Linux is an open source operating system well known as a server operating system but is now starting to be preferred as a desktop operating system as well. You can learn basic Linux, Linux commands commonly used in CLI, Linux administration, Linux network and server configuration easily with examples and easy to understand explanation here for free.

CMS tutorials

Content Management System
Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that is very popular now used as a platform for websites, portals, blogs and forums. There are many open source CMS that provides the basis attractive enough for users to start their own website. Get the information you need about Joomla, Drupal and other open source CMS free of charge here.