Must have Ubuntu applications

I just got back to Ubuntu Desktop from Salix OS. Install the latest version of Ubuntu desktop, which is version 11.10. The installation of this version of Ubuntu is quite different from the older version i used (8.04 I think). For the installation, I'd say it is much easier. The manually partition hard disk steps are simpler. But Ubuntu automatic updates of applications during installation is annoying. It took hours to finish the installation.

When all done, I am surprise of this new Ubuntu Desktop environment. It's totally different from Salix OS or Ubuntu Desktop I am familiar with. It took me a while to get used to the environment and I am not going to say anything about it here. Not now.

Filezilla ftp client

Now that I have it works, the first application I installed is 'Filezilla' ftp client. Filezilla is a popular ftp client. The rank in Ubuntu Software Center is 5 stars (out of 5). This is a must have application because I do lots of file transfer in my job. Other ftp client is GFTP ftp client, which is quite popular, with 4.5 stars.

Here is how to install Filezilla ftp client. At Sidebar Menu (On the left of desktop screen), choose Ubuntu Software Center. Type 'Filezilla' in the search box and click Filezilla from the result to download and install. You need to provide your Ubuntu password before the installation begin.

GIMP Image Editor

The second application I installed is GIMP Image Editor. GIMP Image Editor is like Adobe Photoshop in Windows. It has everything I need to edit images, create banner, etc for my job. GIMP Image Editor also has 5 stars ranking in Ubuntu Software Center. I never try any other open source image editor other than GIMP.

The installation step is similar to the Filezilla installation step above.

Bluefish Editor

Bluefish Editor is a GTK + HTML Editor. This is an important Linux software if you are a web developer. It's like Adobe Dreamweaver in Windows, although not as good but Bluefish Editor is what you need in Ubuntu. I also like Quanta Plus, which is a similar editor when I am working with Slackware.

That's my must have Ubuntu Applications up until now (2 weeks after installation). What about you? What does your 'must have Ubuntu applications' list looks like?

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