Build and install Slackware chmlib tutorial

chmlib is a library file needed to view Microsoft ITSS or CHM format files. You need to install chmlib first before installing xchm to view chm files in kde. Here is a guide on how to build chmlib for Slackware Linux and install the result package.

Build chmlib package for Slackware Linux

Here are steps needed to build chmlib package for Slackware Linux:

  1. Get Slackbuilds script file for chmlib from website.

  2. Download chmlib source from chmlib website.

Change directory to your work area directory or anywhere that you prefer:

[email protected]:~# cd /home/slackware/source/myslackware/

Extract slackbuilds script file, the chmlib.tar.gz in your work area. See an example below:

[email protected]:/home/slackware/source/myslackware# tar zxvf /home/luzar/work-area/chmlib.tar.gz

Change directory to the extracted slackbuild's script file. Copy chmlib source, 'chmlib-0.39.tar.bz2' into the directory. See the example command in step by step below:

[email protected]:/home/slackware/source/myslackware# cd chmlib/
[email protected]:/home/slackware/source/myslackware/chmlib# cp /home/luzar/work-area/chmlib-0.39.tar.bz2 .

Run chmlib.SlackBuild* script to make a Slackware package.

[email protected]:/home/slackware/source/myslackware/chmlib# ./chmlib.SlackBuild

Wait a few seconds before the build process finish. The result package will be in /tmp directory. To install the new Slackware chmlib package, run installpkg chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo.tgz command. See the example below:

[email protected]:/home/slackware/source/myslackware/chmlib# cd /tmp/
[email protected]:/tmp# installpkg chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo.tgz
Installing package chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo...
chmlib: chmlib (library for accessing CHM files)
chmlib: chmlib is a small library designed for accessing MS ITSS files.
chmlib: The ITSS file format is used for Microsoft Html Help files (.chm),
chmlib: which have been the predominant medium for software documentation
chmlib: from Microsoft during the past several years, having superceded
chmlib: the previously used .hlp file format.
chmlib: Homepage:
Executing install script for chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo...

Save a copy of the package in your storage:

[email protected]:/tmp# cp chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo.tgz /home/slackware/packages/

That's all. Here is the result package of the example above if you don't have time to build one for yourself. However, I'm not responsible for any harm done to your system. By using this package, you are agreed to the Web Site Agreement.

Download Slackware 12.2 chmlib-0.39-i486-2_SBo.tgz package.

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