Other important Linux basic commands

Perhaps you have read in the previous tutorials that Linux operating system which is Unix-based operating system, behave just like Unix. Hence, most Linux commands are similar to the Unix command. To perfectly using Linux, users are encouraged to learn basic Linux commands even though most configurations and setup programs now available in graphical user interface (KDE and GNOME).

Below are other important commands used frequently in Linux:

Linux id command
Display current user and group ID names

Linux users command
Check users logged in the system.

Linux pwd command
Print/check current working directory with Linux pwd command.

Linux w command
The w command shows who is logged on in the system and what they are doing.

Linux dmesg command
Print or control the kernel ring buffer. The dmesg command is useful when doing trouble shooting in Linux system.

Linux alias command tutorial
Linux alias command tutorial with examples and explanation.

Change user or substitute user in command line terminal using Linux su command
The Linux su command allows user to switch to other UID and GID from the command line terminal. Learn how to use the command in this tutorial.