Step 01 - Slackware 14.1 first installation screen

This is the first installation screen you are going to see when the installer finished boot up. Slackware provides different kernels that you can choose if you have special hardware case. For an old machine (computer before Intel Pentium-Pro processor), Slackware recommends the huge.s kernel. You can press F2 for a complete list of kernels that Slackware provides. There is also a guide on how to pass special parameter to the kernel. See an example below:

boot: huge.s root=/dev/hda1 rdinit= ro

In the example above, /dev/hda1 is the / Linux partition.

If this is your first time installing Slackware and you are using current processor (Pentium-Pro or newer), the default kernel, hugesmp.s should be your choice here.

Just press Enter to continue using default kernel.

Screenshot image: 

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