Slackware 14.1 installation guide

This is a complete Slackware 14.1 step by step installation screenshots. It's not just a plain installation screenshots. There are description, explanation and suggestion in each step as a guide for a Slackware beginner. Some people say that Slackware installation is too hard for them. Well, you can see Slackware installation steps in these screenshots and decide for yourself. If you are going to install Slackware for the first time, then these screenshots are for you.

These Slackware installation screenshots have been sort to two different groups. One group is a simple straight forward installation and the other group is expert choice installation. The expert choice such as configuring LILO and setup networking were put in different page. So Slackware beginner can follow the simple installation steps while other, who needs help to customize their installation can have it in different page.

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