Setup 01 - Slackware Linux Setup main menu

Slackware Linux Setup program main menu. You can enter Slackware setup program after finished setting up hard disk partition. As you can see from the screenshot above, there are several tools available in the setup program. Use arrow keys to move up or down and press space bar or enter to select a tool's menu. You can also use shortcut key to move to a menu. For example, you can press E key to go to the exit Slackware Linux Setup menu. All the shortcut characters are in red color.

  • Help - Read the Slackware Setup HELP file.
  • Keymap - Remap your keyboard if you are not using a US one.
  • Addswap - Setup your swap partition(s).
  • Target - Setup your target partitions.
  • Source - Select source media.
  • Select - Select categories of software to install.
  • Install - Install selected software.
  • Configure - Reconfigure your Linux system.
  • Exit - Exit Slackware Linux Setup.

The standard key 'Tab' and the '+' and '-' keys can also be used to move move up and down and to the next menu available. You can read the Slackware Setup HELP file to understand more about each menu. If not, you can continue to setup Slackware by choosing Addswap - Setup your swap partition(s).

Screenshot image: 

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