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Install and using Lynx web browser in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, you can also surf the Internet or view website in command line terminal. The great browser for command line terminal is Lynx. Lynx package is not install by default. Installing lynx package in Ubuntu is very easy using apt package management system if you already have an Internet connection.

Here is an example on how to install lynx with apt-get:

Introduction to Linux networking

This is a Linux networking section. Users have learned how to install Linux, practising a few basic Linux commands which enabled them to manage Linux system in the previous Linux basics and Linux administration tutorials. Here in the Linux networking section, user will be exposed to what Linux is all about, serving network.

netstat command tutorial

Linux netstat command is another useful network utility in Linux. We can use netstat to list network connections, view routing table and information about network interface. The netstat command has been one of useful tools for network troubleshooting. This tutorial is a basic guide to the netstat command with usage examples to help the new Linux beginner.

Linux netstat command examples

The syntax for netstat command is:

netstat <option>

Below are the common options used with netstat command:

Linux networking - Installing Ethernet card

Ethernet card or more commonly known as network interface card is a required component if you want to connect to the network. Ethernet card is available in two version which are the PCI slot or the older ISA card.

However, nowadays computer always comes with integrated Ethernet with motherboard. That's good, our Ethernet card can be the second network card. This is required if we want to configure our Linux to be a gateway router or a firewall later.

Linux networking - ip address and subnet mask

Networking is essential when talking Linux into subject. As you already know, Linux derived from Unix which serve network as servers. So Linux user must have a basic knowledge about networking, especially the IP protocols and ethernet.

Linux route command description and examples

Besides Linux ifconfig command, the Linux route command is another important network commands every Linux user should know. The route command can be used to add or modify a static route and a default gateway in the Linux or Unix system. As specify in the Linux Programmer's Manual, Linux route command shows or manipulate the IP routing table. The IP stated is the Internet Protocol (ip address, netmask, gateway) which has been set during configuring network interface card (NIC) in the Linux ifconfig tutorial earlier.

Configure Linux ip address with ifconfig command

Linux ifconfig command is used to setup a network interface card (NIC). It means we can use ifconfig command to configure ip address, netmask and gateway for the card. The ifconfig command is also used to configure or tuning the network interface card such as changing the ip address or assigning ip alias, protocol, parameter and other options. We can also use ifconfig command to view network interface card's status and to activate or deactivate the interface driver.

Linux telnet command guides

Telnet is the most known remote login server. Perhaps all computer background people familiar with telnet, at least to check server networking status (that's what network officers at my place do anyway!). However, in this tutorial we are going to do more than that.

Linux basic network - Configure ip address

If you want to access Internet or your local network, you must have a network card (NIC). The drivers needed can be found in slackware/n3/netmods.tgz in your Slackware CD. If you installed all packages, then you must have the netmods package in your system already.

Linux network configuration

There are many network utilities in Linux that can be used to configure Ethernet ip address, netmask, routing table, name server and so on. Below are essential Linux commands used to configure Linux ip address.

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