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Ubuntu ftp client guide

This is a specific guide on how to install and using ftp client in Ubuntu Desktop. We are going to use gftp as an example, which is a quite familiar ftp client in Linux community. The gftp doesn't included by the default, so you need to install it first. Below is a brief information about gftp:

Install and configure vsftpd in Ubuntu

Transfering computer data can be done easily nowadays using usb thumb drive or external hard disk. However, user must copy directly from your computer every time they need certain data. The convenience way to share data in a network environment is using ftp server. Ftp server lets any user in the network who has permission to access the server to copy data directly from their computer.

Linux network - Install and configure proftpd in Ubuntu Server

There are many ftp server packages available for Ubuntu server such as pure-ftpd, proftpd and vsftpd. Proftpd ftp server has been around quite some times in Linux. It is known for its stability and highly configurable. This tutorial is a complete guide on how to setup proftpd as a ftp server in Ubuntu server. Here are the topics covered in this tutorial:

Setup Linux ftp server - Install and configure vsftpd in Slackware

FTP is an Internet file transfer protocol. It's used widely to transfer data between the Internet, WAN and LAN network around the world. In Slackware Linux, ftp server and ftp client are included in default installation. Proftpd is a default ftp server in Slackware for many years but starting from version 10.2, Slackware ships vsftpd in the official packages as well. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to setup vsftpd as ftp server in Slackware Linux and configure vsftpd.conf file to customize ftp server to our needs.

Linux ftp tutorial - ftp client guides

What is FTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is widely used as file transfer protocol in the Internet and file sharing in local networks such as in university, business and organizations around the world. Basically, ftp allows data sharing in a networking environment. It is a client-server concept, where an ftp server serves all clients in the network.

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