Linux installation

Linux hard disk partition

Final preparation for the Linux Installation

It is important to prepare yourself with some documentations before starting the Linux installation. This is because Linux need extra informations during setup process. Start with gathering your computer hardware's manual, such as your CPU, RAM, VGA, monitor, keyboard, mouse and so on. If you are reading from the beginning of this Linux basic tutorials, then you should already completed the gathering information part which is called the pre-installation checklist.

Linux installation guide

Linux installation won't be a problem any more with a step by step screenshot examples. Here are Slackware Linux and Ubuntu Linux installation tutorials for you:

Slackware Linux installation

Slackware has a great installation tool called Setup program. It has been used for many releases and still kicking. Many Linux users stick to Slackware and one of the reason is it has a simple but powerful installation and configuration tool. Up until the released of Slackware 14.1, the setup configuration steps are still the same.

Linux installation troubleshooting

In the early years of Linux, it's hard to get Linux installation done on the first try. This is usually because of hardware compatibility and driver support. During those days, choosing computer hardware and components are vital. It's very important to check for hardware compatibility lists in the Linux distribution's website before going shopping. However, due to the Linux reputation and popularity today, many computer manufacturers, even a well-known company provides pre-installation Linux in their product.

Pre-installation checklist

Pre-installation checklist is the must have documentation before begin installation of any operating system, not just Linux. Basically, pre-installation checklist is an information about the whole system from computer hardware components, software, version, license key and networking data and hardware information.


Information about hardware can be found in the manufacturer's manual. If the manual is missing, check hardware name and version (should be printed on the component) and search it's information in the manufacturer's website.

Linux installation methods

There are many methods to install Linux. Depends on what you prefer, Linux has almost all installation methods available for you. You can use traditional way, using floppy or cd-rom installer or via network.

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