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Import Outlook Express email messages into Ms Outlook 2003

This tutorial will guide users to transfer email messages from Outlook Express into Microsoft Outlook 2003.

1. Open Ms Outlook 2003. Click File and choose Import and Export.

Import Outlook Express email messages 01

2. Click Import Internet Mail and Adresses in the Import and Export wizard and click Next.

Import outlook express email messages 02

Import Ms Exchange inbox file(.pst) into Ms Outlook 2003

This tutorial will guide users to transfer email messages from Microsoft Exchange Inbox (Ms Exchange 5.5 client) into Microsoft Outlook 2003.

1. Create personal folder in the local drive - Right-click Ms Exchange Inbox icon on the desktop (which is use to open email) and choose Properties. Click Show Profile and choose to Create Personal Folder. Name it 'Personal Folder - Email'.

How to mount and unmount usb drive (thumb drive) in Windows

Mount USB drive>

When you plugged your USB drive into the USB port, your USB drive should be detected automatically by windows. That means, windows auto-mount it for you. In Windows XP, your drive will automatically open. Now your USB drive is just like other normal drive partition. You can save and obtain data from it as normal.

Unmount USB drive

You can't just pull off the USB drive from the port without unmount it first. You might lost your data if you don't unmount it properly.

How to import address book in Outlook Express

If you want to import your internet email address book, you can send your address book as an email attachment to your office email address.

This is an example on how to import address book using outlook express.

1. Start Ms Outlook Express by clicking Start --> All Programs --> Outlook Express. Open email that has the address book attachment. On the right side of the email, click on the attachment icon. Choose to Save Attachments...

Importing address book 01

Outlook Express Setup

This is a step by step example on how to setup outlook express 6 in Windows XP. Please remember that all the data here such as server name and IP addresses are example only. You have to provide the actual data which is given to you by Internet provider or from network administrator at your workplace.

1. Start Ms Outlook Express by clicking Start --> All Programs --> Outlook Express.

Start Ms Outlook Express

2. You should have a user interface similar to this:

Managing Folders in Windows XP

Sometimes you need to create a new folder in windows to place files, pictures, etc. It is important to keep your files organized so that you know where to find it later. Keep relevant files in one folder. Create a sub-folder if necessary.

The basic windows knowledge and hands on tutorials

Welcome to Windows documentation site. You'll find a basic Windows XP tutorials here but in the future, there will be no more windows operating system tutorials. We're doing major update right now.

House keeping - Keep your Windows clean and tidy

After using Windows operating system for some times, you'll definitely install some third party programs such as multimedia software, database, office program, games and so on. You'll notice that Windows start menu has become crowded and unorganized. It takes longer to start a program (some people say it's heavy) and to boot the operating system.

Now it's time to do some house keeping for your Windows. In technical jargon, it's called preventive maintenance. Firstly, let's organize the start menu.

Right-click Start menu and choose 'Explore all users'.

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