windows basic

Windows xp desktop

Windows desktop stands two meanings. The first desktop is the one in the windows operating system. After you successfully log into the windows, you will be presented the desktop. Here's what windows xp desktop looks like:

A default Windows xp desktop

Here is windows 98 desktop:

A default Windows 98 desktop

Windows XP control panel

Windows XP Control Panel is a place where users can view and edit basic windows settings. If you have experienced using control panel in other windows versions before, then you already knew that windows xp control panel functioning is just the same. Here are brief descriptions of each program in windows xp control panel.

1. Start Windows XP control panel by clicking Start --> Control Panel.

Opening Windows Control Panel from Start menu

2. This is the Windows XP Control Panel interface:

Windows pre-installation

Normally, Windows operating system is already installed when we buy a computer, laptop or personal computer. A recovery cd and drivers cd also included in the package. The recovery cd contains a Windows operating system including hardware drivers and manufacturer's utility software already installed. Please remember, not all manufacturer provide this package.

Windows Installation

This is an example of step by step windows 2000 server installation:

1) Insert the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server CD ROM into your CD ROM drive.

2) Restart/reboot your computer. You will see a message similar to the figure below. Press any keyboard key to begin the installation.

Boot up screen

Log on for the first time

When you successfully log on into the Windows operating system, you'll have a desktop similar like this. Don't worry if you can't see icons on the desktop. In Windows XP, you can customize your desktop which means you are free to put what icons on your desktop.

Windows desktop screen

Introduction to windows

In this website, windows refer to the Microsoft® Windows® family. It's hard to believe if you never heard or use the windows operating system nowadays. Windows operating system (win9X, NT, 2000 Professional/Server, XP, 2003 server, Vista) is widely use by people around the world. It is a user friendly operating system with graphical user interface (GUI). That means you can do almost everything in windows by using mouse click on the icons on your desktop.

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