Linux dhcp

Linux dhcp tutorials including setup dhcp server installation and configuration guides.

Install and configure dhcp server in Slackware Linux

A computer needs an ip address in order to communicate with other computer in a networking environment while a server needs to provide ip addresses for all its clients (users). There are two types of server that provide ip addresses to clients, a dynamic ip address server and static ip address server. A server that provides dynamic ip address is called a DHCP server (DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). That is the server that we are going to setup here.

Install and configure dhcp server Ubuntu

This is a guide for Ubuntu dhcp server installation setup. DHCP is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. By configuring a dhcp server, system administrator won't have to manually assign static ip address and other information for clients.

A traditional Linux dhcp server called dhcpd. However, a default Ubuntu server Hardy installation, you can no longer install dhcpd. There is no more dhcpd. Ubuntu Hardy or Intrepid only has these dhcp client and server packages:

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