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Web server tutorials including setup apache server installation and configuration guides.

Setup Linux web server - Install and configure Apache in Slackware

If you are planning on setting up your own web server (http server) using Slackware Linux, then the Apache http server would be the perfect choice. It is a stable and secure web server and works very well with Linux. Apache http server is The World’s #1 Web Server Tops Linux Journal’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Linux web server setup - Install and configure Apache2 in Ubuntu

Apache server is an open source web server or HTTP server widely used not only in Linux and Unix-based operating system but nowadays in Windows as well. Apache is known for it's stability and highly configurable with support of many add on modules for customization. In Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql work greats together and always be a perfect web server solution for many organizations around the world.

Ubuntu web server installation

We must first check apache2 package in Ubuntu to make sure it's already installed using dpkg and ps command. Here are dpkg and ps command usage examples:

Setup local web server for windows - Install, configure and testing xampp

Why do you need a local web server? Most would answer it's for testing a website. It doesn't matter whatever reason you need a web server for, here is a simple, easy and free way to have one in your computer.

For a free web server and compatible with Windows operating system, we have Apache web server. Apache is a great web server, well established and has been using in Unix and Unix-based operating system for many years. It is well maintains and has many source of support such as online forum and security guide.

Then, maybe you would need a database server. Mysql is a good choice. It's free and stable and has well support too. There are lots of FAQs and forum available in Internet if you need help. Documentation is well written, it's our perfect choice then.

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