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Install and configure Squid in Slackware64 13.37

This is a guide on how to create Slackware Squid package using scripts from, install it in Slackware64 13.37 and configure the squid.conf configuration file. It is just a basic configuration to get Squid cache proxy server works. Advanced setting is not included. You should read and at least understand some basic of Squid before try this step by step guide. Here is Squid-cache website. Before we begin, please make sure you have these basic requirements:

Install phpmyadmin in Ubuntu 9.04

PhpMyAdmin is a graphical user interface tool to manage mysql database. It's very popular and used by many web hosting providers around the world. This tutorial is a guide on how to install phpmyadmin in Ubuntu 9.04. Prerequisite is you need to have mysql server already installed in your system. The instructions are in step by step, however, it's not in proper order. You need to read it first and make your own notes after finished reading it.

Open command line terminal and install phpMyAdmin using apt-get:

How to install php5 in Ubuntu 9.04

This is a guide on how to install php5 in Ubuntu 9.04 using command line. We are using apt-get package management system to install the package. It is pretty simple, straight forward instructions. There are only two important things to do here, install php5 and remove all packages that are no longer required. Here are all the steps you need:

Install php5 using apt-get command:

How to build and install wxGTK package for Slackware Linux

wxGTK is a port of wxWidgets using the GTK+ library, the one that you need if you plan to install an open source cross-platform GUI library in Linux operating system. Slackware doesn't include wxGTK in its official releases. You have to build the package yourself if you need it in your system. Here is a guide on how to build wxGTK for Slackware Linux and install the package.

Build wxGTK package for Slackware Linux

To build wxGTK package for Slackware Linux, you need to:

Build and install Slackware chmlib tutorial

chmlib is a library file needed to view Microsoft ITSS or CHM format files. You need to install chmlib first before installing xchm to view chm files in kde. Here is a guide on how to build chmlib for Slackware Linux and install the result package.

Build chmlib package for Slackware Linux

Here are steps needed to build chmlib package for Slackware Linux:

How to read or view chm file in Linux

chm is Compiled HTML Help which is not a strange file format nowadays. If you are using Slackware Linux, you can open chm file using Konqueror in KDE. You can open Konqueror by clicking kde Start, choose Internet and click Konqueror - Web Browser. You can navigate to the chm file from here or use Location menu, and Open location to browse for the chm file. See example on how to open chm using Konqueror screenshots below:

Konqueror browser screenshot. You can navigate to the chm file using Konqueror main menu here:

Build and install mcrypt libmcrypt package for Slackware Linux

The mcrypt is a Linux tool that allows user to use a wide range of encryption functions in Linux system. It replaces the previous crypt package and crypt command which is a well known command for encrypt and decrypt file. This tutorial is a guide on how to create Slackware package and install mcrypt and libmcrypt package in Slackware Linux. You need to install libmcrypt package before installing mrypt package. Otherwise, you'll get an error of missing mcrypt library.The easiest way to create a Slackware package is to get libmcrypt and mcrypt's slackbuild script from SlackBuild website.

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