Setup Linux server

Setup Linux server tutorials contains ssh, ftp, dhcp, samba, dns and web server setup, installation and configuration guides for beginner.

Install and configure dhcp server in Slackware Linux

A computer needs an ip address in order to communicate with other computer in a networking environment while a server needs to provide ip addresses for all its clients (users). There are two types of server that provide ip addresses to clients, a dynamic ip address server and static ip address server. A server that provides dynamic ip address is called a DHCP server (DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). That is the server that we are going to setup here.

Install and configure Squid in Slackware64 13.37

This is a guide on how to create Slackware Squid package using scripts from, install it in Slackware64 13.37 and configure the squid.conf configuration file. It is just a basic configuration to get Squid cache proxy server works. Advanced setting is not included. You should read and at least understand some basic of Squid before try this step by step guide. Here is Squid-cache website. Before we begin, please make sure you have these basic requirements:

Install and configure vsftpd in Ubuntu

Transfering computer data can be done easily nowadays using usb thumb drive or external hard disk. However, user must copy directly from your computer every time they need certain data. The convenience way to share data in a network environment is using ftp server. Ftp server lets any user in the network who has permission to access the server to copy data directly from their computer.

Setup Linux web server - Install and configure Apache in Slackware

If you are planning on setting up your own web server (http server) using Slackware Linux, then the Apache http server would be the perfect choice. It is a stable and secure web server and works very well with Linux. Apache http server is The World’s #1 Web Server Tops Linux Journal’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Setup and configure MYSQL in Slackware Linux

Mysql is a popular open source database which being used as database server by many organizations around the world. Normally, Mysql is used together with PHP server-side scripting language, Apache web server and Linux as the server platform. This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to setup and configure mysql in Slackware Linux. If you are looking for this, then let's get started now.

First thing to do is to check whether mysql user and mysql group already exist in the system. You should have them if you installed mysql package during Slackware 12.2 installation.

Linux DNS server setup - Install and configure BIND in Slackware

This tutorial is a complete guide for setting up bind as a dns server in Linux operating system. We'll setup bind version 9 in Slackware 12.2. Here are all the steps needed to setup bind dns server in Slackware Linux:

Linux network - Install and configure proftpd in Ubuntu Server

There are many ftp server packages available for Ubuntu server such as pure-ftpd, proftpd and vsftpd. Proftpd ftp server has been around quite some times in Linux. It is known for its stability and highly configurable. This tutorial is a complete guide on how to setup proftpd as a ftp server in Ubuntu server. Here are the topics covered in this tutorial:

Setup Ubuntu squid proxy server - Introduction, installation and basic configuration guide for beginner

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Linux network - Install ssh in Ubuntu server screenshots

ssh is a remote protocol used in Linux and Unix system. ssh stands for secure shell, which means it provides an encrypted data transfer between a client and server. This is an improvement to the old remote protocol such as rlogin, telnet and ftp. In Ubuntu, ssh package can be found in three initial packages, which are:

Linux web server setup - Install and configure Apache2 in Ubuntu

Apache server is an open source web server or HTTP server widely used not only in Linux and Unix-based operating system but nowadays in Windows as well. Apache is known for it's stability and highly configurable with support of many add on modules for customization. In Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql work greats together and always be a perfect web server solution for many organizations around the world.

Ubuntu web server installation

We must first check apache2 package in Ubuntu to make sure it's already installed using dpkg and ps command. Here are dpkg and ps command usage examples:

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