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Configure MariaDB in Slackware 14.1

MariaDB is a default database server pre-configured in Slackware 14.1 replacing the MySQL server. This tutorial will guide a Slackware beginner on how to setup and configure MariaDB in the most basic way. Oh don't worry about the command. MariaDB uses mysql as well. Let's begin the first step:

1- Install MariaDB system database:

Install Drupal 6 website backup from hosting server in Slackware 14.1

Install a backup for your website is a good practice. Here is a tutorial on how to backup your Drupal website and install it in Slackware 14.1 64bit example.

Install virtualbox on Ubuntu

This is a guide on how to setup Virtualbox on Ubuntu. We use 'virtualbox-qt 4.1.2-dfsg-1ubuntu1', a Virtualbox package for Ubuntu Desktop version 11.10 for this example.

Download and install Virtualbox

It's easier to download and install Virtualbox using Ubuntu Software Center. Open Ubuntu Software Center from the left panel menu on the desktop and type 'virtualbox' in the search textbox. See screenshot example below:

Cannot boot Slackware Linux after installation

Sometimes it happens. Here is a tip on how to boot into your Linux and fix the problem. Normally, this problem always happen because of wrong Lilo configuration. For example, you choose to store Lilo in / directory instead of mbr during Lilo setup when installing Slackware. Anyway, whatever the reason is, you need to configure Lilo again.

If you create a boot disk or usb boot disk during installation setup, you just need to boot from it. If not, then you can boot from Slackware installation cd or dvd. For this particular example, we use Slackware dvd. See steps below:

Mount cdrom Linux

In Slackware Linux, you need to manually mount the cdrom from command line terminal before you are able to use it. In order to mount the cdrom, you must have root privilege. So if you are going to mount the cdrom from Slackware 13.1 x-window(KDE), open command line terminal from Start --> Applications --> Systems --> Terminal. In Slackware 12.2 x-window kde, Start --> System --> Konsole. You can also switch to the command line terminal to another virtual terminal by pressing Alt+(F2-F6) and login as a normal user.

Install phpmyadmin in Ubuntu 9.04

PhpMyAdmin is a graphical user interface tool to manage mysql database. It's very popular and used by many web hosting providers around the world. This tutorial is a guide on how to install phpmyadmin in Ubuntu 9.04. Prerequisite is you need to have mysql server already installed in your system. The instructions are in step by step, however, it's not in proper order. You need to read it first and make your own notes after finished reading it.

Open command line terminal and install phpMyAdmin using apt-get:

How to install php5 in Ubuntu 9.04

This is a guide on how to install php5 in Ubuntu 9.04 using command line. We are using apt-get package management system to install the package. It is pretty simple, straight forward instructions. There are only two important things to do here, install php5 and remove all packages that are no longer required. Here are all the steps you need:

Install php5 using apt-get command:

Cannot delete read only files in virus infected thumb drive

This is a step by step guides on how to recover a virus infected thumb drive using Linux operating system. If a normal virus, we can just delete the virus file and related directories from the thumb drive. However, if the thumb drive has been infected by some viruses that created a read only files and input output error, that's trouble. This tutorial is a guide for those who need to fix this kind of problem. For this example, an input output error virus infected thumb drive and Ubuntu Desktop as Linux operating system are used.

Linux desktop tutorials for beginner


Linux desktop is a Linux version customizes for end user. There is nothing special or big differences between Linux and Linux desktop. It's just phrases use to say that some tweaks have been done to the Linux network operating system so that a normal user will be able to use it in their daily job. Here are some 'tweaks' that can be spotted in the desktop version of Linux:

Burn iso image using k3b burner software in Slackware

K3b is a CD/DVD burning software comes by default with KDE when you installed Slackware. It has everything a beginner needs to burn a data, audio, video and ISO image under Linux using the graphical user interface without learning the command line utilities such as cdrecord, cdrdao, and growisofs. This is an example on how to burn ISO image using k3b dvd burner program running in Slackware Linux.


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