The basic windows knowledge and hands on tutorials

Welcome to Windows documentation site. You'll find a basic Windows XP tutorials here but in the future, there will be no more windows operating system tutorials. We're doing major update right now.

For new users, you may find that windows is quite an interesting operating system. Yes it is. Windows provide a user friendly environment by the use of icons on its interface. It is easy to use once you understand the basic operation of windows. You can find a basic windows knowledge in the Windows introduction and Windows basic.

Usually when you buy a computer nowadays, it comes with windows operating system already installed. If you have a problem with your windows and need to re-install it, you can find a useful step-by-step documentation on how to install windows operating system in Step by step installation tutorial. If you are using a different version of windows, it still helps because the windows installation process is quite the same. You can use this tutorial as a guide of what it looks like when you install a windows operating system.

When a user use windows operating system for a while, it's time to know how to manage folders in windows. Learn how to create a new folder, delete folder, rename folder and create program's shortcut in Managing folders.

If your Internet provider provide you an email address, you can setup Outlook Express easily with this step by step Outlook Express setup example.

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