Log on for the first time

When you successfully log on into the Windows operating system, you'll have a desktop similar like this. Don't worry if you can't see icons on the desktop. In Windows XP, you can customize your desktop which means you are free to put what icons on your desktop.

Windows desktop screen

These are icons you'll see in Windows XP after it's been enabled. To enable icons in Windows XP, right-click mouse on the desktop and choose Properties. Click Desktop tab at the top and click Customize Desktop at the bottom of Properties pane. Click icons you want to be on the desktop, click Apply and then OK. These icons are the basic icons. The icons are a bit different if you are using a different version of Windows.

windows icons

Your name will appear at the top of the Start menu.

windows desktop

These are icons you'll see on Windows XP desktop. The icon below is Internet Explorer icon. Internet Explorer is a default windows web browser. If you have an internet connection, click this icon to surf internet.

Internet Explorer icon

This is Outlook Express icon. It is located below Internet explorer when you open the Start menu. Use outlook express to read and send email messages.

Outlook Express icon

Click All Programs to see other programs installed on your computer.

Other windows programs

Click Log Off to exit from your current session. You can find this icon at the bottom of Start menu.

How to Log Off

If you click Turn Off Computer, you'll see an option to stand by, turn off and restart computer. This icon is located beside Log Off icon in the Start menu.

Option when click on Log Off button

Control Panel is a program that enables you to setup and configure windows, hardware and software.

Windows XP Control Panel

Click Help and Support if you encounter any problem in windows.

Windows Help and Support

Search program is a very useful program. Use Search to find folder or any kind of files in your computer.

Windows Search program

On the right side at the bottom of the desktop, you'll find a notification area. You can check system activity and status alerts such as your network and email. There's also a digital clock

Programs icon on the bottom left tray

You can check your currently open documents in My Recent Documents. You can open all documents from the hard disk, but not from floppy or CD-ROM.

Check currently open document in My Recent Documents

Point your mouse to the 'start' (bottom left) and click the left-click button on your mouse.

Windows Start button

Now click start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Windows Explorer

Explore windows start button

You can explore your computer by using 'Windows Explorer' program. The icons My Music and My Pictures is called 'folder'. Use your mouse to point on a folder and double-click to open it.

Windows explorer

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