Windows XP control panel

Windows XP Control Panel is a place where users can view and edit basic windows settings. If you have experienced using control panel in other windows versions before, then you already knew that windows xp control panel functioning is just the same. Here are brief descriptions of each program in windows xp control panel.

1. Start Windows XP control panel by clicking Start --> Control Panel.

Opening Windows Control Panel from Start menu

2. This is the Windows XP Control Panel interface:

Windows Control Panel interface pane

3. Click Appearance and Themes to personalize your desktop. You can customize the look of your desktop such as changing background, themes and screen savers.

Appearance icon in the Control Panel

4. Network and Internet Connections tool allows you to connect to a network or Internet.

Network and Internet Connection Tools icon

5. The Add and Remove Programs is a tool for adding and removing programs. You can use this tool to remove unwanted programs in your computer.

Add and Remove Program icon

6. Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices. Here is where you edit audio setting for your computer. You can adjust the speaker's volume, change the sound scheme and change the speaker settings.

Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices icon

7. Performance and Maintenance is a very useful tool. You can tune up your computer to keep it running smoothly. The common task that you can do here are free up space on your hard disk, back up your data and rearrange data in your hard disk to make programs run faster. Other task you can do with this tool are view basic information about your computer and adjust visual effects.

Performance and Maintenance icon

8. Printers and Other Hardware tool let you configure computer hardware. You can configure many task regarding hardware such as setting up your printer, fax machine, mouse, scanner, digital camera and many more.

Printers and Other Hardware icon

9. Click User Accounts to manage user accounts in your system. You can create a new account and edit user account here. This tool also let everyone in the system customize their own desktop and windows settings.

User Accounts icon

10. User can change the how numbers, currency and dates are displayed with Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.

Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options icon

11. Accessibility Options allow user to adjust computer settings such as screen display, play sounds or use mouse and keyboard.

Accessibility Options icon

12. Security Center is a new tool in windows. There are firewall, Windows Update and virus protection reminder to help you protect your windows. You can manage security settings for Internet options, automatic updates and windows firewall.

Security Center icon

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