Windows Installation

This is an example of step by step windows 2000 server installation:

1) Insert the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server CD ROM into your CD ROM drive.

2) Restart/reboot your computer. You will see a message similar to the figure below. Press any keyboard key to begin the installation.

Boot up screen

3) Windows 2000 Setup will start reading the installation files in the CD ROM. If you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver, press F6. Otherwise, just wait until it finishes doing its job.

Setup program start up

4) The introduction Windows 2000 Server Setup menu appears. Choose what you want to do from the option list. For now, press ENTER to set up Windows 2000.

Setup program menu

5) You will see the Windows 2000 Licensing Agreement. Read and understand the agreement. To continue the installation, you have to agree, no other choice. So, press F8 if you agree and you will be taken to the next screen.

Windows 2000 license

6) You will see a list similar to the figure below. If you follow my advice and already backup your important data, then, press D to delete the C: partition. This is your previous windows operating system. If this is a new hard disk drive, you will see the whole unpartitioned space.

Hard disk Partition menu

7) Windows 2000 Server Setup will warn you about the partition you are trying to delete. If you are completely sure of what you are doing, press ENTER to delete the partition.

Delete partition warning

8) Again, the setup will ask for your confirmation. Press L to delete the partition. CAUTION: All data on this partition will be lost.

Delete partition confirmation

9) You will see the main menu again with unpartitioned space. Now, you may create a separate partition for your hard disk. At least two partitions, one for the windows operating system and another for your data. Press C to create a partition in the unpartitioned space.

Hard disk Partition menu

10) Remove the default size by pressing backspace. Key in the first partition size (in MB). This partition will be use to install the operating system. If your hard disk space is larger than 10GB, I recommend you to give at least 8GB. Windows 2000 will need about 1.5GB of your hard disk space. You will need the extra space later to install office application, antivirus software, and others.

Create partition size

11) Click on the Unpartitioned space and press C to create another partition. This partition can be use to store your data.

Hard disk Partition menu

12) The step is the same as before, so just repeat what you did just now. You can use the maximum size given by default or you can keep half of it for another partition. Whatever you do it's your choice. Press ENTER after you finish.

Create partition size

13) For this example, I have created two partitions. Click on the first partition which is C: partition to install Windows 2000 server and press ENTER to continue.

Hard disk Partition menu

14) Now it's time to format the partition. There are two file system types, New Technology File System (NTFS) and File Allocation Table (FAT). For your information, the former is used by WinNT, Win2k and XP and the latter is used by Win9x. Choose the NTFS and press ENTER.

Choose file system type

15) Windows 2000 Server Setup is formatting the C: partition.

Format partition

16) When it's done, the installation files are being copied into the temporary folder in the hard disk drive.This folder will be remove after the installation is complete.

Copying installation files

17) The copying process is complete. Press ENTER to restart your computer. The setup program will continue after you reboot.

Copying complete

18) After the computer restart, you will see the figure below. A familiar screen, isn't it? Do not press any key as this will result in the installation start once again. So, just leave it alone.

Boot up screen

19) A few seconds later you will see Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Startup logo on screen.

Win2k server startup logo

20) The Windows 2000 Server Setup will continue the installation process.

Setup program start up

21) Click next to continue the Windows 2000 Setup Wizard.

Setup program continue

22) Now the win2k setup wizard is detecting and installing devices on your PC such as keyboard, mouse, display monitor and so on. Note that during this time, your screen may flicker for a few seconds.

Setup detecting devices

23) Here you can customize win2k for different regions and languages. If you want to change the settings, click Customize...Then click Next after you finished.

Regional setting

24) Enter your full name and your organization or company. Click Next when you are done.

Personalize software

25) Type the Product Key in the text box. The Product Key is the 25-character on the sticker on win2k CD case. Make sure you key in the right characters because you can't continue the installation if it's wrong.

Product key

26) Choose the licensing mode that you want to use. Click Next to continue.

Licensing Modes

27) Give a name for your computer. After that choose a good password for the administrator account. Mix the password characters like this: P4ss12wOr%&D. Write down the password and keep it safe. You can't log into the windows if you forgot the password.

Server name and password

28) You can add or remove components of win2k here. The components have been selected by default. Don't worry if you not sure what the components are because you can always install or remove them later.

Win2k components

29) Here you can set the correct date and Time Zone for your windows computer. Click Next when you are done.

Set date and time

30) Now your computer is installing the networking components. This software allows you to connect to other computers, networks, and the Internet.

Uploading networking components

31) If you know what you are doing Win2k allows you to manually configure the networking components otherwise choose Typical setting and click next to continue.

Networking settings

32) If you are installing this computer in your office and you have a domain, then choose the second option. If you not sure choose the first option. You can always change this option later. Click Next when you finish.

Workgroup or Computer domain

33) Now the setup program is installing windows 2000 components. This will take some times. You can get your coffee now if you want.

Installing components

34) The setup program is completing its final tasks. Just sit back and relaks. Click Next when it's done.

Performing final tasts

35) When you see this screen, it means that you have successfully completed windows 2000 installation. Remove your CD installer then, click Finish.

Setup complete screen

36) Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is starting. Smile ;-)

booting up screen

37) Once again, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server startup logo on screen.

Win2k start up logo screen

38) Message Windows is starting up on screen. Here you go...

Windows start up message

39) Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys to login as an Administrator.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen

40) Key in Administrator in the User name text box. Press Tab to move to the password text box and key in your password. Click OK or press ENTER.

Login screen


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